4500 5200 5800 CHINESE CHAINSAW 18″ CHAIN .325 1.5mm 0.058″ 72DL

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Suitable for the following chainsaws:

chinese 4500 5200 5800 45cc 52cc 58cc
Plantiflex PF-4500 PF-5200
BBT 45cc
B&Q 45cc
Silverline 45cc 52cc
Kiam Sherwood KM45 KM52 KM58
Sanli CS45Rok 45cc
Whitemoss 45cc 52cc 58cc
Skatco 45cc 52cc 58cc
Eckman 45cc 52cc 58cc
Timbertech 45cc 52cc 58cc
Tarus T4500 T5200
Viron VR4500 VR5200
Trueshopping Raptor45 Raptor52 Raptor58
many others

We have matching guide bar - SKU 370501.

Details of the chain: 18" .325 1.5mm 0.058" 72DL.

Please, check your old part with the pictures prior to purchase.

SKU 370200

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